About Us



We are a family living in Scotland with three small children passionate about conscious kidswear and all things ethically and sustainably made.

 The biggest driving factor behind this little passion project was my desire for my children to wear clothes that weren’t made by children. In a recent survey on fashion it showed that only less than half of the people interviewed cared about WHO made their clothes. At We The Gentle Kind we think different. First and foremost, we care that whoever made the items we sell is treated and paid well.

We’re mindful of the social and environmental impact of the items we offer. Favouring earthy tones and timeless styles that can be worn through all the seasons, as well as natural quality materials, mean clothes last and can be worn for longer. And then passed down from one sibling to the next! 

We hope to offer a truly conscious kids shop where you can buy mindfully and feel good about the items knowing they have been carefully made and selected! 

Veronika & family